Firefox Search Engines Backup?

Application: Firefox
Subject: Search Engine Backup.

Hi guys, does anybody know a way to get a backup of the search engines (the ones on the top right of firefox) and recover it to another computer/OS?

This is really annoying, as I format a lot (and use a lot of PCs) and really need the quick custom search engines, so going to the is great for centralised downloading point but I am getting tired of always do the same thing.

So, if anyone comes with a solution, i will be really grateful. :D
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  1. Just copy your profile.

    You could make a default profile, save it to a disc or thumb drive and load it anytime you reformat.
  2. That will work in the instance posited.

    But in a case where the only thing you want to be similar between the profile with the custom search engines and the new profile may only be the custom set of search engines?

    In some situations, it’s helpful to have a number of versions of Firefox, either for taking advantage of extensions which aren’t fully compatible between versions. In others, it’s helpful to have same versions of Firefox, with different sets of extensions; in cases where some extensions may conflict within one profile.

    In such instances, it would be great if there were a search engine backup extension. So I’m asking if anyone has heard of a way, or if such an extension may exist…
  3. I don't really understand what you asking for but I got an easy way to do backup of custom search engines between PCs.

    The Search Engines are saved under the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins", so if needed to use them on another PC, just copy and paste them in the same folder.

    For an autosync you just have to make your folder "syncable" under a service or a cloud service. I use Microsoft Live Mesh (but Microsoft is changing the service to Cloud in Live Essentials 2012).

    I do not know if Mozilla has the feature enabled (for custom search engines) with their Sync Service under Firefox, that needs investigation.

    So best way is to try and see the method to work on it, update us on your method.
  4. Does the sync feature in firefox also sync search addons? I know it can do regular addons as I use sync for bookmarks and addons.
  5. Bzzzt.

    The *.xml files defining searches stored under your profile are the _original_ versions. They do _not_ include local changes made through the "manage search engines..." interface.

    That's the problem...
  6. As for a Firefox "ADD-ON" or "EXTENSION" specifically designed for saving or backing up ONLY one's personal list of custom search engines; added to one's search engine list using the "Add to Search Bar" extension, I haven't found anything. That's why I'm asking.

    At this time as far as I can tell - and please chime in if you know of a more direct solution - there should be a way through backing up the whole profile directory, building a new one, removing whatever you don't need BUT the custom search engines and then building anything else back into that.

    Can anyone tell me if this should work?

    If so, does anyone know of any pointers that can ensure that a novice to such an exercise might be successful?

    If there isn't a more direct solution, what would the most direct way to do this be?

    Any tips would be appreciated.
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