Unable to open password recovery

I downloaded password recovery, burned it to a disc but then this disc will not open in another computer when I am trying to open it from the bios boot screeen. My windows log in is stuck on the administrator log in and my password is not working
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  1. I have not been able to figure this web site out. Do I burn the disc from it??
  2. Yes, download the CD image zip file, unzip it and burn the ISO as an image to a CD.

  3. got up to what is the path to the registry directory? (relative to window disk) [windows/systme32/comfig]:
    I have tryied to enter and put other codes in. Does not move past this command
  4. I hope it's windows/system32/config. Is Windows install in C:\Windows?

  5. oops typo, yes windows in in the Cdrive and the message is as you wrote
  6. Should work. I've used it many times to remove the Administrator password without a problem.

  7. does not seem to want to go past this point????
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