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How to start a uclinux programs.Now iam using ubuntu10.04,for this which one we have to download
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  1. you will want to read: Getting started with uClinux
  2. Hi,

    Iam using ubuntu10.04,how to install uclinux on ubuntu ,i wants to know step by step procedure. Plz anyone help me.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. looks like your thread was also answered on the ubuntu forums here:
  4. sir, i didnt get proper answer,still iam struggling to install plz any help, how to install uclinux on ubuntu.
  5. Have you tried following the guide that nhasian linked to? It covers how to install it.
  6. Actually i wants to install uclinux on ubuntu, and i have to work with ARM(LPC2148) board.For this reason only iam followed the followin link.


    In that link i struck on 6th point, Iam unable to find general setup menu,but i successfully completed 5th point where is the mistake,plz tel me sir.

    6. Kernel Configuration

    If you followed the steps in ��confirm the configuration files�� above, your kernel should have been configured.

    However, we need to change the initial ramdisk size. Because the romfs.img size with the default applications are about 771KB. In ��General setup�� menu, there is ��Default kernel command string��. Change this to:

    root=/dev/ram0 initrd=0x01300000,800K keepinitrd
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