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I have a cheap leadtek TV2000 RM card. I've got my vcr connected up to it by way of coaxial cable. (That means I'm stuck with just channel 3, but that's ok.) I think I have the sound hooked up right because I can record ok.

When I playback the video file that I just recorded, both the video and audio are ok. Not great, but functional. As a PVR this thing works just fine.

However... :)

The problem I have is I cannot for the life of me get the sound to play in real time. You know, like if you just want to watch tv? The video comes in ok but I cant get any sound.

This seems so simple... I cant be the only one having this problem. Anyone know how I can make it so my CD-Input "passes through" to my speakers without having to record?
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  1. how are you stuck on channel three? make sure you have the latest drivers. also do you have a sound card or are you using onboard audio?
  2. I'm not really stuck on chaneel 3, that's just where you tune your tv when you're feeding it a coaxial input from a vcr.

    My sound card setup is rather complicated, so I'd almost rather not say what I've got going. :lol: As I've said I'm able to get sound by recording, even through window's basic Sound Recorder. I just need to know how to take what's connected to my CD-In line and make it play all the time, in real time.
  3. this might seem low tech, but try getting a splitter and have the audio go to some speakers or something. it sounds like it could be a software problem. as for real time, there might be some lag but im not sure how much.
  4. heh I have thought about doing that, and it is a viable option. But it just seems like there's an application for it out there somewhere.

    And yeah I do think it is a software problem... namely with Windows. :P I've tried using Total Recorder's monitoring mode, and when it's enabled I can see the EQ graphs jittering around, but amazingly enough it doesnt give you the option to route that sound to your speakers.
  5. Open windows volume control, go to options / properties, and look for CD audio (or whatever you have it plugged into on your sound card) and place a check in that box. You will now have a volume control for it, so you can un-mute it and turn up the volume.
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