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Hi All

I have recently purchased a PC from a local retailer and have had endless problems. They changed the motherboard and I have used it for a week with no problems at all......Until this morning, last night vista updated (it also tried to unsuccessfully update nvidia drivers which I did not pay much attention to at the time) and when I switched on this morning it did not boot and asked me to install something for it to boot from.

The only thing that it would boot from was the vista install CD, however it started loading the files and it got to the vista icon stage where the progress bar froze, after a few minutes I got the BSOD basically highlighting NVSTOR.SYS as the issue.

Now I am totally stuck, I do not want to take it to the shop because I think they are incompetent and very unfriendly (wont be going there again).

Anyway, I have an MSI platinum MOBO (790i chipset), nvidia GTX 280 GPU, intel Q9550 processor and vista 64 bit running.

Can anyone help?
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  1. It's a problem with the nVidia SATA driver.

    Two approaches - You can try to install the proper driver - I would suggest going straight to nVidia first, though your motherboard maker may have it as well. But if you can't get into the OS, theh there isn't a whole lot you can do but reinstall. In that case, I would use another computer to download the lastest driver set to a thumb drive. Wipe your HDD, then reinstall Vista - leaving the network cable unplugged so it can't update itself. If/when Vista says it wants to update and register itself, it's OK to put that off until later. What you want to do first is install the chipset drivers from the thumb drive, reboot if needed.

    As a matter of fact, it's a good idea to do any other device drivers you may have while you're at it. Video being the next likely candidate for preferential treatment. Just do one at a time, restarting as needed.

    Once you are done with that, you can plug your network cable back in and allow Vista to register and update itself.
  2. Hi Scott

    Thanks for the info, I saw a few of those links when searching for a resolution myself.

    I suppose my problem now is how do I resolve it? I cant get anything loaded to even roll back drivers etc.

    I will try removing the extra ram and see if that solves it, if not what more can I do, re-format the HD?

  3. If you can start to Safe mode, then you're in and should be able to get the job done. It's usually F8 while booting to get to the start up options menu. If you don't have ready access to a good computer with access to the web, you'll need "Safe Mode with Networking" in order to reach out for the necessary drivers.

    If you can't do that, then you're stuck with a reformat and reinstall.
  4. Thanks Alot

    Bad news though, cant do anything so am going to have to re-format and re-install.

    I suppose my next question is any ideas on how to stop this happening in future? Apart from stay well clear of nvidia chipsets and graphics cards in future :(
  5. As he found out, you can't even go into safe mode to fix this. It is a format/reinstall. I had the same issue a couple weeks ago. It happened after a microsoft update.
  6. So how do you stop this happening in the future as I am quite sure it will if windows updates again?
  7. I updated my sata drivers from NVidia and just hid the sata update from MS so I didn't get prompted for it again.
  8. Could you let me know how that is done?
  9. Not knowing what your question refers to, I will give two answers.

    To download the NVidia drivers for your sata connections.

    Go to and choose download drivers from the top.
    In the case of my motherboard, I had an nForce 590 chipset so for product type I chose nForce
    For product series, I chose nForce 5 series.
    For product I chose nForce 590 SLI AMD
    For download type I chose driver
    Choose your OS next.
    then choose language and click next.
    You should be able to do the next steps on your own. Once downloaded, install them.

    To hide MS updates

    Simply right click on the updates you no longer want to get prompted for and click hide update.
  10. My problem is I cant boot anything at all. It wont boot in safe mode, normal mode, last known successful boot mode. Nvidia really have alot to answer for IMO.

    So how can I re-format my HD if I cannot boot anything up, do I need to find a boot CD from somewhere that will force a clean vista install? If so where can I download one? Or is there another way (without taking the HD out)?
  11. You will have to boot off of a Vista CD/DVD. Where you can get one, I cannot answer that. I have my own. I am sure they are available out there somewhere or you can get one in a store.

    You are looking at a new install.
  12. I have a legitimate vista 64 disk, it wont boot from that either. Same issue.
  13. Do you have your CD/DVD drive set higher in the boot priority list in the BIOS? Do you have an option, at boot up, to display a boot menu? It sounds like, to me, that it is somehow bypassing the optical drive altogether and just booting to the hard drive. The NVStore.sys error will not prevent you from booting to a CD/DVD. That error is a windows error. Once you finally do get into the setup, you will have to delete the partition and re-create it.
  14. Hey, thanks for the help still :)

    Well I can get the PC to boot from the vista CD, but the problem is that if I just leave it to boot from the CD without pressing anything I get the vista logo followed by a freeze then the BSOD with the nvstor.sys issue.

    If I press F8 while it is trying to boot from the CD I get all the options, but having tried everyone it always results in a BSOD and nvstor.sys error.

    I dont see any point where I get a re-install/re-format option, so how can I boot, re-install or format? Dont think I can?
  15. If you are seeing a Vista Logo or a list of 8 or so options, you aren't booting to the CD/DVD. It is still trying to load windows. Shortly after the POST, you should see a line at the top of the screen that says something like "press any key to boot to CD/DVD". At that point tap any key on the keyboard. I typically use the spacebar a couple times. If all goes as it should, you should see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen saying something like windows is preparing to start. That is the start of the setup sequence.

    Most of the motherboards I have worked with, F9 is the boot sequence key. Try tapping that as the computer is booting up and select CDRom if it works.
  16. Ill try again, but I do actuallu get to the press any key to boot stage, with vista CD in I press it and it says windows is loading files, then it goes to the vista logo and fails.

    Or as it finishes the windows is loading files stage I can F8, but I do not get an option to boot from the CD after the first stage.

    Ill try and press space while it is loading the CD, but I dont think this will do anything.
  17. johnpaulcain said:
    Ill try again, but I do actuallu get to the press any key to boot stage, with vista CD in I press it and it says windows is loading files, then it goes to the vista logo and fails.

    Or as it finishes the windows is loading files stage I can F8, but I do not get an option to boot from the CD after the first stage.

    Ill try and press space while it is loading the CD, but I dont think this will do anything.

    hey Johnpaulcain, were you able to resolve your issue? I am stuck with exactly the same thing. Can't get to BIOS, cant get to Vista64 OS. I am running 780I SLI Nvidia mobo with patriot 4gb (2x2) ram, 9800 GTX+ card and the OS installed on 1tb Seagate drive.
    If i let the system boot up, it goes to 'bootmgr missing'. i hit F9 and F2 and F8 a few times, get the boot order and try to load from Vista DVD, the system says 'loading files', but then i get BSOD with nvstor.sys error. i am stuck, no clue what to do... I tried running memory tests for 7 hours last night, the test that comes instuled with windows. it ran 80 cycles, no problems found.
    any ideas please???
  18. I have a machine that did the same thing with 4GB of ram (4x1) i pulled out one ram chip leaving it with 3, and it booted just fine. im gonna try using vlite to get it to work.
  19. I had a similar issue that I have posted here several times. I would get lock ups daily as soon as I installed my video drivers for my 9800 GTX+ card. I could run any lesser card or no drivers at all and be fine. When the lockups happen and I just let it sit, I would eventually get a blue screen that said NVSTOR.sys was the problem.

    I have finally resolved that issue. After getting a replacement 9800 GTX+ and it doing the same thing, XFX sent me a GTX 260. That card has been running perfectly for several weeks now. It appeared my 9800 GTX+ Black had an issue with my ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe board. I was also running Vista 64 but with 8g of ram.
  20. Hi..ive been having the same problems too. ive gotten to the steps you mentioned. after it loads at the bottom the computer restarts and the BSOD appears...i really need this issue resolved
  21. exact same problem, for mine, the HDD isn't even detected in the BIOS! So I'm thinking could be a hard disk problem..yet it works in a way since it is able to access (albeit BSOD-ing in the process) nvstor.sys? If I remove the HDD and just run the vista installation from the dvd-rom, it works perfectly up till choosing the HDD to install in, of course. If both the HDD and the cd-rom are in, and I"m installing vista, it hangs at the loading bar, then nvstor.sys..
  22. I have this problem of the damn thing crashing with NVSTOR.SYS....
    I get mine to boot by....Powering down the computer....unplug your power to power supply....and let it sit for a couple minutes.....plug back in and boot the computer up.....maybe it will work for you too....GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  23. This is exactly the same thing I am experiencing. Has anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?


    This is happening because my bios is not recognising my HDD

    Then when I put in the vista disc it crashes with the nvstor.sys IRQL error. Both issues are working together leaving me with no outs.

    I have taken out the RAM and changed the bios boot priorities but nothing changes the situation.

    Help would be much appreciated
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