2,000 dollar budget what should I get?

Not buying till early fall. 2 broken arms on disability for 6 weeks. So loss of pay...

intel duo e6600 240.00
seagate 500 gig drive 130.00
optiquast 20 monitor in 190.00
aluminus axt with 700 watt power supply bundle 150.00
Asus p5k motherbourd
geforce 8800 gts 320 comes with 2gig ddr2 1066mhz memory 600.
dvd drive 30.00
sound card 35.00
dont know what os i should get and speakers
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  1. what you will be doing will deterimine if you should get xp or vista if you are gaiming go with xp otherwise vista as for speakers some cheap 2.1 surrounds that are pretty good here
  2. ...why the hell would you be asking what to purchase this coming fall in the spring? Little early for that don't you think?
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