Lexmark driver problems????

Hey all,

I've just recently bought the Lexmark X6690 wireless printer but im having some issues. Not with the printer itself but the driver that comes on the disk and also from the Lexmark website.

They install with no problems at all, and the printer sets up straight away on my wireless network.

I've installed it on my laptop, and it all runs fine until I reboot.

Eveything boots up as normal until after the windows load bar goes off and my desktop loads up. After that all that can be seen is the desktop wallpaper with no icons, start bar etc.

So I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and restart explorer.exe for it all to load up, but then I have to manually start my firewall and antivirus.

Also the internet doesnt work and when I try to get into control panel to try and repair network connections it doesnt load.

I've tried several drivers off the Lexmark website with no luck, and the only way i've been able to un-install the drivers is through safe-mode, and everything goes back to normal after.

Im using Windows XP Home SP2 with all updates.

Come to think of it, i've had problems like this in the past and havent been able to work out why it does it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. i have the same problem so it seems. narrowed it down to a lexmark service, which can b changed to disable in safe mode, then enable after reboot , everything is fine.!!!! grr very annoying.

    hi, dont know if you sovled this problem, but my email is emialsam@blueyonder.co.uk , if you have a solution!,
  2. emailsam!
  3. which service exactly?

    im thinking thisd might be caused by the service trying to connect to the printers wifi before its ready, is it possible to remove the lexmark software from loading at startup (removing from startup folder / registry) ?

    i would also suggest contacting lexmark directly for help with this.
  4. :-( tbh its a customers printer/computer so not in front of it at the moment, but if i remember it was lx_dun!?!?!? something like that
  5. i have emailed lexmark, did try calling on friday, only to be hung up on lol, win xp here btw, home sp3,

    type services.msc into run start/run/services.msc

    i could only do in safemode, normal mode hardly works at all!

    then scroll down to lx_dun or something, there is 2 of them next to each other, disabling both didnt hurt if i remember, so double click, change startup type to disabled, then after normal boot, renable, and pc will b fine until next reboot

    when u will have to enable again! :-)
  6. patch tested, all seems ok!
  7. Thanks very much! All works fine now!

    Gotta love this forum!

    Cheers everyone!
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