Are these temps ok on E6600 w/ Ninja?

Hello all,

I completed my new build last week and have since been scouring the web for info on my components. More recently i've been scrutinizing over my CPU temps before I OC.

I read through the temp sticky, but am still a bit lost. Are there temps ok:

85 C ( TJunc) by Core temp 0.95
37-39 C for cores by Core Temp 0.95
41 C Asus probe

Load: (Orthos, small FFTs after 45 min)
56 C Core Temp 0.95
61 C Asus probe
(TJunc same)

The reason I ask is because it is just now that I am seeing a lot of post complaining about the Scythe Ninja Rev B and it's contact to the CPU. I want to OC the machine, but I want to make sure all is ok with HS and CPU before I start OCing.

If my setup isn't ok then I'll have to look into getting the bolt on retention kit, or go all out and do water cooling before I OC.

Specs not in sig
E6600 / Asus P5N32-SLI / EVGA 8800GTS (320MB, no SLI yet) / Corsair XMS Dominator DDR2 800 / 3X WD2500YS / Scythe Ninja Rev B w/Ixtrema 120mm@72CFM / Antec P180

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  1. C2D Temp Guide

    Give that a read, it should answer most of your questions.
  2. I read the C2D temp guide as i wrote, I guess what i would really like to know is what temps are folks getting with Scythe ninja, stock and OC. My temps seem a bit high...
  3. Well in that case I can't offer too much guidance other than they are about 7c higher than what I get. I use a massive 125 CFM fan with ducted cool air.

    I hit about 50c @1.55vcore, so ~61c isn't horrible.

    Maybe someone with a Ninja can offer more help. Sorry I can't answer your question directly.
  4. According to Intel's spec sheet, you don't wanna exceed 60 °C under load. Try RMClock for your temps, it should read the same as coretemp. Anything else you're using like the asus utils aren't as the same.

    If you're concerned about your temps, you should know that all C2D and quad C2D chip are known to have irregularly shaped IHS (internal heat spreaders) meaning good contact between the HS and core can be difficult. You can consider lapping both the base of the HS and the IHS on your chip to give better temps. I knocked 7 °C off my load temps from the coolest core and over 10 °C off my load temps from the hottest core by lapping both the IHS on the Q6600 and the base of the ultra-120 extreme. See pics and temp graphs in those two threads.
  5. Eh, 70c is warm on Tj but sustainable, Tj max spec is 85c. You are right that lapping will help and so will the right thermal goop crap.

    Thermal Crap Shootout
  6. Yeah, the Tj is what has me concerned. It may be the HS or the CPU heat spreader, don't know until i try lapping HS. But I'm not going to lap anything until I get the bolt-on retention kit. THOSE PINS ON THE LGA775 SUCK A$$!!

    My only other options are to water cool the thing. (I tossed the boxes out yesterday, so RMA is a no go! :x )

    One other thought, my MB is slightly concave (looking from top), could this cause a prob with CPU-HS contact?
  7. I installed my sythe ninja today (and have now sussed the no cpu fan problem - any fan can run off the cpu fan plug (duh)).

    I'm getting about 50 to 54 on each core (according to coretemp).
    This is at stock speed and no cooler than the stock HSF.
    I'm using the thermal goop that came with it for now, because I forgot to order any branded stuff when i ordered the HSF.

    I think its due to uneven contact too, but i'm going to now see how OCing will affect these temps.
  8. Given the cooler the temps are a bit high. Those are the same temps I had with my E6400 OC'd to 2.8 and with the stock cooler.

    I am cheap so I got a AC Freezer Pro and knocked my idle temp to 31 and load to 45.
  9. Ok, so after more reading, downloading and stressing, and re-reading the C2D temp guide, this is what I've got, AND PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG:

    Asus probe and speed fan

    Core Temp 0.95
    39C (hottest core)=Tjunc
    46C (hottest core)=delta Tjunc
    (this is that 15C diff)

    NOTHING IS FUBAR, all my temps are within normal op range and I think I am good to go with my OC.

    As CompuTronix said, if you read, aand then re-read his C2D Temp guide you will get it....
  10. You don't need to worry about Tcase. As I understand it, there is no Tcase sensor; the values displayed are hypothetical/extrapolated and highly inaccurate.

    You DO need to worry about the real temps in the physical cores. Speedfan measures these core temps from Intel Core array (in addition to other sensors on your board). Other apps measure core temps too like coretemp, tat, and rmclock. Problem is by quad core CPUs, speedfan's coretemps off by 15 °C because it needs to subtract 100 from the DTS number to arrive at the core temp, not 85 which is what it uses. I think it should be accurate for C2D chips.

    Do this: download RMClock and compare the numbers to speed fan. Are they the same?

    Core temp = constant - DTS where the constant is either 100 or 85 depending on your processor.[/code:1:81aed2bfaf]

    If you want convincing proof, read [url=]this[/url] thread paying attention to uncleweb's instructions to read your DTS directly with crystalcpuid. You'll find that RMC is accurate.
  11. Thanks graysky....Temps seem consistent with most monitoring apps. I guess the HS is seated properly...

    NOW, onto the OC'ing...
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