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Attempting to burn an OS .iso file in Linux (Fedora 15)

Ok, so I had problems with my windows vista not working correctly, I had bad crashes after I rebooted from factory settings, so I decided to try out Linux Fedora 15. Given that Linux doesn't use page file memory, my computer would make my Minecraft frequently run out of memory (almost 100% instantly), This is because I have 1 gb of ram. After figuring that out, I have obtained a product key for Windows XP Pro SP3. I have my .ISO file ready, but I have no clue what program I should use to burn it, and have it boot correctly. There lies my question, and problem. Please help me feed my Minecraft addiction.. :pt1cable:
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  1. huh? linux does use a 'page file' its called swap.

    The performance hits you see are due to your hard disk thrashing when its attempting to read/write to swap. installing windows will not help, you will see the same type of performance hit. hard drivers are orders of magnitude slower than ram...

    That being said, if you want to avoid hitting the pagefile/swap then get more ram. Ram is cheap...

    edit: (forgot to add info about iso burning)
    for burning iso, you can use:
    gtk/gnome: brasero
    gtk/xfce: xfburn
    kde: k3b
  2. Well either way, the point of this thread was to get the info about how to burn the ISO to a disk that will burn and load upon boot (Also my BIOS is already set to boot CD ROM)
  3. edited reply to include info for iso burning. can also be done via command line if you wished to.
  4. I've tried using Brasero, and K3b, and have had no luck, do you know exactly how to do it?
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    you select 'burn image' or other analogous option, then select the iso file, then click burn. That's all there is to it.

    What is not working?
  6. it does that fine, but it doesnt boot, or when it does, it just shows a black screen. I'm just gonna make the disk on my windows comp, no worries.
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