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Driver switch from nVidia -> ATI


I've looked in a few places, but I can't seem to find an updated tool/utility or whatever I used to have a long time ago that made sure any remnants of a previous drivers (especially in the case of a different company) were removed.

I've been with nVidia since the I switched from my x800xtx, but going back to ATI with a 4870 1GB.

Is there a good tool or a good guide to help with this scenario? Usually I'd format, but my Vista64 has been holy stable for a very long time, I'd rather try a driver swap and see if it stays stable than take a chance that the M$ gods go against me all of a sudden.

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    i recomend uninstalling the drivers from Windows Programs and Features, then running "nVidia - Nasty File Remover " which can be found
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