Geforce 7900 GT problems

Im not exactly sure whats wrong with my computer, but it randomly shuts down and has trouble running any 3d games. I recently updated all my drivers for my gfx card and it still has the problem. Driveragent says that alot of my drivers are out of date, but i dont know exaclty what drivers i need to update and where to get them =X. Right now my 2nd moniter on the left side is shutting off and on randomly in odd intervals. Alot of the time i have trouble moving things from one screen to the next, and it can sometimes cause the computer to restart or lag out badly.

Here's my specs:

Windows XP
Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard
AMD Socket AM2 64 bit 2.2ghrz duo core processor
Nvida Geforce XFX 7900 GT graphics card
2GB DDR2 Ram
Im running an old dell CRT moniter on the left and a LCD Viewsonic on the right.
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  1. You will need a lefthanded metric screwdriver to fix it.

    Actually what psu are you running?

    For drivers try nvidia,s website, for your gpu.

    Also maybe try an anti-virus scan.
  2. The 500w PSU that came with my case... Could that be the problem? And the drivers i downloaded were from nvidia's websight.
  3. It could well be, or it could just be the supply to the card, does the PSU have a dedicated PCI-e supply? or are you doing the molex thang? and if so what else is running on that rail?.
  4. Uhh, thats alot of jargon i dont understand =P. I dont have a dedicated line or anything to it, i dont think it has a single cable for the PCI-E card either, the card requires two connectors to it tho.

    Here is my case with the PSU:
  5. O.K, and how are you supplying the power to the card?.
  6. Well i have two molex that combine into the 4 pin connector that connect into the card. I just redid all my wiring and now the card has its own molex line. And i moved my case out of the cubby hole on my desk. It works better now, still a little laggy here and there, but no crashes so far.
  7. That should be a 6 pin connector into the card, please check that because if it is a 4 pin the the card is not getting enough power.
  8. Whatever pin it is its the cable that came with the card, it must be a 6 pin then.
  9. Then I suspect that the generic 500w PSU that came with the case may be giving up the fight, do you have a spare one that you could try?.
  10. mousemonkey, I am having the same problems as Mstngdrew232. Same card, same symptoms.

    I replaced my PSU with a 600w unit, and at first it didn't have any effect. But a few hours later (after calling BFG for an RMA) it worked properly again! I don't get this - why did it take a few hours for it to start working properly? I don't really trust it, and I expect it to fail again imminently. The tech support rep at BFG told me that based on the symptoms, my card was shot. (I was seeing artifacts on BIOS screens, but they are gone now)
  11. I think this card runs a little warm or something in our systems are running a little warm. Try putting a new VGA cooler on it or some more case fans, i moved my case out into some free flowing air and it helped cool it down alot. I still have some software compatability issues every now and then, but the computer has stopped crashing completely.
  12. Running warm, you mean GPU core temperature? Mine runs in the mid 50's which is well within tolerance according to the nvidia control panel (the bars are green until 78 degrees). The ambient temp inside my case is ~30 degrees. All various fans inside function properly.
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