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Hamachi and Vista can't browse

So I DL Hamachi and installed it on my Desktop. The issue I"m having is that I cant seem to connect to other computers and browse there files. When I click on there names it thingks for about a minute and then it bring up my own documents folder. I checked the settings and I cant seem to find a solution can Anyone help me??
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  1. I have the same issue. I'll let you know if I find anything.
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    I have Vista with what appeared to be the same problem. The steps that solved my problem was: Control Panel, Windows Firewall Settings, Advanced Tab, Uncheck Hamachi in the Network Connections.
  3. Yes! That did fixed it on my Vista machine with Windows Firewall. Thank you.

    I tried a similar procedure on my XP machine running Trend Micro Internet Security, but to no avail. I went into Personal Firewall->Settings->Advanced->Program Control tab. I then added the 68 and 67 UDP ports as exceptions for IP address. I still could not browse the shared files from other computers.

    Anyone know how to disable the Trend firewall for the Hamachi adapter or allow the ports through?

    Thanks in advance.
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