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Strange Vista issue

i have 64 bit vista installed and just noticed a weird issue (well not sure if its a big one or not) but trying to figure out why when i install 64 bit applications they install in the x86 folder and report as installed as 32 bit in the programs help section. i thoughty maybe it was this one application (the beta of mozilla's x64 firefox browser) but i installed another 64 bit application from nvidia for physx control of my video card, and that installed as 32 bit as well, what can be causing this? i did install the beta to sp2 on this machine a few days ago, and cant remember if this issue was pre or post that install.

I installed EVEREST premium and it reports:

OS Name Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
OS Code Name Longhorn Server
OS Kernel Type Multiprocessor Free (64-bit)
OS Version 6.0.6002

Any replys, or help would be greatly appreciated, ty
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    although the program may be 64 bit, if the installer is 32 bit it will install into the x86 folder.
    An easy way to tell if the actual program is x64, it to Open Task Manager when the program and go to the processes tab. If the file has a *32 (eg firefox.exe *32) then its a 32 bit program. If it has nothing to its right, its a 64 bit program
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