Can't Login After Installing Anti Spy Software

This AMD Athlon 1700 machine is running Windows XP Home.

It has been running increasingly slowly, taking a very long time to both boot and turn off. I noticed html links were being redirected and this had installed itself despite Spyware Doctor's monitor running. So I downloaded Malwarebytes free application, and with a lot of difficulty installed it (it struggled to install and I had to change it's name to run it. It couldn't find it. So I downloaded another one recommended by CNET and installed that, again with a lot of difficulty. It wanted to reboot and when the machine rebooted I could not log in. Either the computer would freeze up while typing the password or freeze up just after.

It does login into safe mode. But nothing there can be done. I tried to setup the registry to allow undeleting in safe mode (wont do it) and tried to use the tools to find malware while in safe mode. Nothing is found.

What can I do??? i cant login in normal mode!
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  1. Just as an addition.. the program last installed is Tenebril Spy Catcher. I discover there are known issues with it!! It seems the only solution is to uninstall this in safe mode. I cant uninstal, the error screen warns me this feature is deactivated. I tried a registry fix, adding something to the HKLM part of the registry and then using net start msis*** (cant remember) to allow the uninstall program to work in safe mode. Didnt work for me. How can i uninstall this app manually??
  2. Try going into safe mode again and using the msconfig startup options remove entries from startup until you have narrowed down the offending program that is causing the operating system to freeze.

    1. Boot your pc into safe mode
    2. Click on "Start" > "Run" and type in msconfig
    3. Click on the "Startup" tab
    4. In here, beginning with applications, i.e. Tenebril Spycatcher, uncheck from startup.
    5. Reboot your pc
    6. Repeat the process until you have a successful boot (through elimination)

    Once you are able to run your pc normally attempt removal via add / remove programs.

    You could also check the Tenebril or Spycatcher folder at C:\Program Files for an uninstaller. Programs will often put them here.
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