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Folder View Help Setup

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  • Windows XP
Last response: in Windows XP
January 5, 2009 11:45:10 PM

Hi There.

Need help from a veteran.

I would like to view all items in ALL my folders as "LIST" view. When I double click on an icon or folder, I want all the contents in LIST VIEW, not Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, or Details.

Is there a way I can set Windows XP to ALWAYS do that to every one of my folders, including My Music, My Pictures, etc. etc.....????

As of now, I have to manually go to every folder and set them to "List" view. Sometimes it reset itself and goes back to what Windows think the folders should be viewed as (like the My Pictures or My Video folders should be viewed as "THUMBNAIL.")

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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January 6, 2009 1:05:48 AM

use folder options reset all folders
January 6, 2009 1:44:44 AM

Resetting all folders will just reset all the viewing to mainly "Tiles" and "Icons" view (in other words, WinXP's preference).

I want to view everything in my folders as "List".

In Control Panel>Folder Options>View>Folder views

I see [Apply to All Folders] and [Reset All Folders]. I'm not going to press [Reset All Folders] again because of what was stated above.

I see the [Apply to All Folders] button but WindowsXP doesn't allow me to click/press on it. What do I need to do to "activate" that button?

Thanks in advance.
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January 6, 2009 11:34:59 AM

erm, change a setting and it should activate, then change it back to whatever you want it to do and then click it again.

tis a bit strange though because on my machine its not greyed out at all.
January 6, 2009 1:27:43 PM

You need to change the folder to the way you want them before you hit reset all folders.
Ok I just looked and I didnt give you all of the info.
This is easiest in win explorer not control panel so you can see the changes.
First goto view and choose details then choose view again and choose "choose details" to select the details that you would like to see.
For your case of only wanting a list just deselect the details.
When you have done that goto tools folder options.
There are a few other changes you can make there if you want like no thunbnails and then hit reset all folders.
Also it sounds like you use the explore and or manage features to find things.
IJMO but i find it easier with windows explorer. I just put a shortcut to it in my quick launch tray. I have done this on every computer I have ever worked on. Even if they arent mine.
One of its greatest features is that you can open 2 copies of it side by side and set to 2 different locations when you need to copy or compare files
January 6, 2009 11:07:51 PM

Thank you ALL!!!

I finally did it and learn something today. My confusion was that I went to the CONTROL PANEL>Folder Options>View>Reset All Folders. The "[Apply to All Folders]" button is grey-out and not an option for you to press.

I then open My Computer/Windows Explorer, set my View Folder preference (List view), then click on the Tools Menu>Folders Options>View from THAT SAME WINDOWS. In that method, the "[Apply to All Folders]" button WAS available.

Thanks again!!!


Okay, so I set all folders in WindowsXP to be viewed as List view. That is what I want. DONE!

Is there a quicker way to set all folders that contain only pictures/jpeg, to be viewed as Thumbnails view? I have A LOT of pictures folders and I don't want to manually go thru and set each one to Thumbnails view. Of course I cannot do the [Apply to All Folders] method because that would make all my other folders (Listed view) to become Thumbnails. Is there a quicker way or option? Just wondering....