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I am using a Samsung 52X CD-Drive. Till yesterday it was working just fine but since today morning it stopped working(nothing went wrong that could lead to this). It showed a message that "Insert Cd into the drive" even when there was a CD in it. I even tried to read several other disks but no use. I tried to re-install the driver but that didn't help. The properties of the drive(in device manager) showed that the device is working properly. I've also checked the wiring which is intact.
When I checked the BIOS, it was not showing any drive which usually shows it as the Secondary Master. On the other hand, when Windows is started it shows a Samsung CD Drive while detecting IDE Drives.
What is the problem and can it be corrected?
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  1. I had something simular happen like that, what I did was to shutdown and unplug it completely then restart and shutdown and connect it. It was then detected again and fixed the problem.

    :tongue: Whatever!
  2. You said you've checked your cables, but try disconnecting and reconnecting the cables, just in case some corrosion is on the connector pins.
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