I cant access my router?

Ok things are fishy.... I cant access my linksys router at This is not the first time this has happend b4.. last time tho it fixed itself? My IP is assigned by my router which is fine but when i goto websites like www.whatismyip.com it is showing me the wrong thing... instead of listing 25.168.xx.xxx which i KNOW is my real ip its giving me I think this is cause of windows automatic private addressing or something? I added the registry key to disable window automtic addressing that was told to me in windows help center but it still doesent work.. Can any1 tell me a solution ot my problem?
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  1. can you ping the router? Have you tried a hard reset on the router?

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  2. ?? when you go to those websites they show you your WAN address... if you wanna find your IP just go to your Network Connection and right click Properties and go to Status... or if you have the littel computers next to your clock, right click that and go to status, that will show you your IP assigned by the router............... But you should be able to go to IE and type and pass = admin (if you didn't change) and get right in....

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