Simple Question: What is the max temp on AMD X2 5000+

I was just wondering what is the highest temperature that I should be comfortable running my CPU at? (Under max load)

I am using speed fan to record my temps.

Currently, I idle at about 39c - 40c and the max that I have let my temps get under full load has been 58c (it was still rising).

AMD Athalon X2 5000+ w/ Stock HSF

I've been searching the forums for a bit and can't seem to find an answer.
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  1. you hit 60C load (still climbing?) you need to look into others way's of removing the heat from that chip
  2. Use this:

    Depends on the core

    **You're pushing the envelope since the Tmax for the X2 5000+ series CPUs is between 55C-72C
  3. Thanks a bunch for the response.

    Looks like I'm gonna have to buy a new HSF and some thermal paste.
  4. Um, what is this so-called 'lapping'?

    And, if I get the Ultra-120, how do I attach a fan to it, or will it provide enough cooling w/out a fan?

    And...Whats wrong w/ AS5?
  5. I've been looking at Newegg for the ultra-120, and it doesn't show that it comes with a fan.

    Is newegg wrong? Or should I buy the HSF from another site?

    I didn't know that AS5 was all hype, thanks for that piece of advise.
  6. Well, then I suppose that begs the question, "Which fan do I buy to accompany such an awesome Heatsink?"

    Noise isn't really an issue.
  7. Oops, another question...

    Will the U-120 X fit inside my Ultra Grid case and MSI K9n Platinum Mobo?

    It looks kinda big...

    And do I have to worry about gravity putting too much stress on my mobo in a vertical orientation?
  8. Ok, I recant my statement. I do worry about noise a little. I don't want my computer to sound like it is ready for take off....

    Are there any fans that you would recomend against?
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