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Word 93 with Vista

Is Word 93 compatible with Vista?
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  1. What is Word 93? There's 97, 2000, XP (or 2002), 2003 & 2007. Anything earlier than 2003 is not supported by MS.

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    Word 93 is not compatible.

    If it's a case of already having a copy of it at home that you'd like to use instead of buying a new one, then look into one of the free online suites, like ThinkFree, Google Docs or somesuch. Especially if you're not doing anything particularly complex.

    Found a quick article for you:
  3. is there even such a thing as word 93?
  4. pinaplex said:
    is there even such a thing as word 93?

    AKA Word 6.0. 1993 was the first year it became bundled into the suite with Excel. Microsoft didn't start using year names until 95, though.
  5. oh yea! lol, that's why it sounded weird to me. good ole Word 6.0! lol.
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