Fresh Reinstall, Mouse not working

I just reinstalled XP on one of my computers because it had some problem. It is a dell E1505 laptop. Got windows loaded and started doing the drivers.

I got to the chipset driver they suggested and after it was done installing, my mouse no longer worked and I had to use the touchpad. Looking at the Device Manager, it looks like some of my usb hubs are not active. I tried plugging the mouse into all the ports and nothing happened. It is just a dell standard mouse, so it shouldnt need any additional driver support.

I installed the ATI drivers as well and when I reboot, i keep getting this cli.exe error. I just went to msconfig and stopped that from starting up and no more error. Just wondering if that is going to be a problem.

So far no other errors, but this is the second time ive reinstalled windows on this machine and I dont remember so many problems the first time. Just wondering if I did something wrong...

Thanks for your help.

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  1. installed rong chipset, reboot windows and don't install chipset driver
  2. So you think I should just completely reinstall windows again? Im guessing that is what you are trying to tell me right?
  3. before you reinstall anything go into the bios and turn on legacy usb support.
    I have had some computers where that is the only way to get a usb mouse to work.
    Also there could be another driver for usb for that model.
    Some computer require it and others dont.
    A double check cant hurt.
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