Winlogon keeps popping on startup, need help immediately

I received a message from a friend yesterday thru MSN messenger, he sent me a screensaver link and I thought it was a screensaver he made from the pictures we took. After I downloaded the file and clicked on it, nothing happened. So today I turned on my computer, and a Winlogon properties keeps popping on my desktop. I have to click the close button for several times until it disappears.

I checked on some malware pages, and noticed that this is some kind of virus that could hack into emails and files. Do anyone know what I can do before the winlogon turns into something that can cause problems to my comp.

Spec: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
This is the image of the winlogon on the startup:

The file I downloaded yesterday is DSC00148.SCR
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  1. Start > Run > msconfig > see if it can be killed then find and delete.
  2. for some reason, it wouldn't let me run any command key, I've tried msconfig, cmd on the run. But it pops a window with search "No items match your search". The run command used to work before, but somehow it isn't working properly now. Any idea of what causes this..?

    Edit: Cmd is still not working, but it is on the search results and can be opened now.. but not msconfig.
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