How to install fedora7 linux os in dell inspiron 4010 i3 processor

i try to install fedora7 linux to my dell inspiron i3 processor laptop..
but after selecting a "keyboard type:us" there is a error comes
that is :

"driver not found"

please tell me solution as early as possible
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  1. Good news everyone! Fedora 17 comes out in a few hours. try downloading the new Fedora 17 and let me know if it works for you.
  2. Hardly surprising that you are having problems as Fedora 7 is four years old. Why do you want to install such an old distribution?

    Personally I'd go for Fedora 16 which has been around long enough to have the bugs ironed out.
  3. hi
    if you r installing fedora 7 on i3 system, you can need cd drive and Hard disk drivers in floppy drive.
  4. One might need a floppy disk, is it a requirement ?
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