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Katya Panel ?

Hello Everyone

Im getting annoying Mint11 panel problems is there way to stop it?
It's like Dont Delete and Delete everytime i load Mint11 it appear's at first somtimes my panel icon's are gone?

Thank You
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    Mint is buggy as it is and you are using a release that is a year old. you should upgrade to Mint 13. I'll bet you will not have that issue any longer after that.
  2. But do have solutions for Mint11 ?
  3. the problem is the default desktop environment. if you do not wish to upgrade mint11, then you can try using a different desktop environment
    you can install xcfe with the command:

    [cpp]sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop[/cpp]

    then on the login page you can select the xfce DE instead of the default one.
  4. Can you give me any picture of xcfe enviroment ?
  5. sure its really easy to use.

    xcfe pictures
  6. Thanks can i put gnome 3 ?
  7. It defeats the point of running Mint haha but I found this for you:

    Adding GNOME 3 to Linux Mint 11
  8. Your right i should move to 13
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