I think its finally perfect! what do you think?

I think its finally perfect! its for moderate gaming and lots of music.

ASrock motherboard 774 $70

XFX 7600GT AGP (i can still use the PCI-e x16 slot for a new card later, i already have it)

C2Duo E4300 @ OC 2.4 GHz (more than enough Preformance at 2.4) $115

250 GB western digital HD $70

2 x 1gig of G.Skill 800mhz ram $95

Logitech speakers X-530 RMS surround sound $60

X-fi XtremeGamer sound card $85

500 watt PSU( a know its cheap but it should still be more than enough to power this system right?) $20

any other suggestions? Oh yeah my special thanks to 3Ball who helped me decide on it.
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  1. That PSU is not very good, but it will power this system. 12V@28A. It might even support the GPU upgrade. It will not power a 8800 card, which is two steps up for you, so you might be upgrading more by then anyway.
  2. Yeah, that's a pretty low quality psu. Like alcattle said, it'll power your system. The real question is for how long. Don't skimp on the psu, it's the heart of your system. Buying a crappy psu is like buying a $200,000 car, but the thing has a rusty gas tank full of holes, and the gas you use has is laced with piss and corn syrup. It'll work, but it's just a matter of time before the engine dies from the crappy gas, or the leaking gas ignites.

    I would get this psu, it's a little less powerful, and more expensive, but the quality is much better.
  3. waht about this one? its $3 cheaper and has 30 more watts.
  4. You forgot the link.
  5. That motherboard only accepts a 20 pin power connector. You'll have to ensure that the PSU you get has a 20 pin and not a 24 pin connection. Look for one that has a 20pin+4pin connection.

    What's your budget? The only reason I'd get that motherboard is if you were going to reuse an AGP card and DDR 400 memory. Since you are planning on getting DDR2 memory, I'd just build an entire new system.

    Plus, that motherboard supports a maximum of 2GB. If you plan on going to VISTA one day, 2GB is what's necessary for good performance and 4GB is probably around the corner.
  6. The thermaltake tr2 is even worse IMO, look at the output on the 12v rails. For the tr2 it is only 18a wich is VERY low. I had that psu in my system and had some stability problems.

    All of the above posters are right. Go and read the psu faq 101 it will help you in understanding why you should not skimp on that part.
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