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Hello, I've had Ubuntu on my system before and I`m now thinking of using "Pendrive" version. Most important consideration for me is .......can I still "see" Windows partitions from, say, Ubuntu Pendrive version? Can I install VLC player? Appreciate any help here
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  1. Yes and yes. It's the same OS, just running from a USB drive instead of a hard drive.
  2. When you get down to it, the installation is running off a disk attached to the system. Whether it's a platter drive, SSD or USB stick is irrelevant. Everything will function essentially the same. :)
  3. Only real difference is speed. USB 2 drives are not that fast :-(
  4. audiovoodoo said:
    Only real difference is speed. USB 2 drives are not that fast :-(

    A Windows user should be okay with that :D
  5. I was fixing up an old Core 2 Duo computer... came with an ancient 7,200rpm 160GB HDD. Reminded me of my most astute observation.

    "Windows with a hard disk is intolerable, either use lightweight Linux or buy an SSD."

    Talking about SSD, a SLC based USB stick would be brill for running Linux on
  6. I can't speak for USB 3.0 thumbdrives but running ubuntu off a usb 2.0 thumbdrive is equally painfully slow
  7. The SLC as opposed to TLC flash most USB flash drives run off should help speed wise. As for USB thumb drives, I find them quite alright in comparison to... LiveCDs... (with the exception of puppy of course). :)
  8. Obliged for the help
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