Dreading XP instalation. Is there a hacked install torrent?

I have a genuine Windows XP Pro license. However I have an ancient disk, and every time I install it after a major upgrade, it takes FOREVER and leaves me wide open to security risks during the live updates etc.

Is there a trusted SP3 updated DVD Windows torrent with bells and whistles like winzip, codecs, updated chipset drivers and all of the other free utls everyone uses preinstalled installed?

I know there are 100's around, but figure 95% of them are trojan tastic.

I went to Microsoft.com and frankly, something inside me died when I went looking for anything resembling an updated version of Windows I can download, mount and use with my key.

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  1. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4459205/Windows_XP_Performance_Edition_SP3_-_October_2008

    this would do nicely for starters, its a tiny 242mb download, its a pretty stripped down version so your going to need your wifi drivers to get you on the net and then let windows update do the rest.

    this one is just a vanilla winxp sp3 install -

    this one looks like it has a loooooooooooooooooad of stuff included -
  2. i would say read the comments for each one, the first i listed ive checked myself and didnt find anything.
  3. While 95% may contain trojans or other security risks, the other 5% have so many unknown custom modifications that you never know how it will impact your particular configuration or needs. Its best to start clean and do your own changes.
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