How do I schedule Acronis True Image Home 11

I am familiar with Backup Exec System recovery. In it I am able to create a recovery point set that makes a full backup of a drive once a week then incremental every other day of the week. Then at the first of the next week it starts over. It will keep 2 recovery point sets at any time. After this is set up I don’t have to manually do anything for this to continue.

I have not found out how to do this is Acronis True Image Home 11. I do see how to create fulls and incrementals but I have to do something manually at least once a week. Where do I find this functionality?
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  1. soft27 - I see that you replied but I can't find your reply. Did you actually reply or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Take a look at StarWind. In the version 5 there is High Availability.
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