Can't access email in Outlook without admin level

I have Windows XP sp3. I have 3 users configured...myself, my wife, and daughter. I changed their logons to the standard user level. Unfortunately, they are no longer to access their email in Outlook. I have Office 2007 Professional installed.

I looked around and could not find any settings that prevent a standard user from accessing email.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just a little more info...XP is stating that the "limited user" level does not have access rights to the email pst folder. The folder is named <MyEmail> within the "My Documents" folder.

    Why would you need an admin level id to access a folder within your own "My Documents" folder?
  2. log in as admin. goto control panel|users and give the desired user permission.
  3. I have a choice between "limited" and "admin" in control panel/users. There are no other account types that I can select. Also, there are no options visible that allow me to select the privileges that the "limited" user has. Is there another place that I should be looking?

    I still don't understand why a folder in the "my documents" folder is inaccessible for the matching logon id.
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