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I was trying to install linux on my mech hard drive so i can update the firmware on my ssd and i have ran into some problems. i burned the ubuntu iso to a dvd, and booted to the dvd. i get the purple screen where i can choose to install, try ubuntu before installing etc... after choosing to install i get a black screen with a blinking white cursor.... nothing happens it just blinks... what am i doing wrong?

New Problem, i got ubuntu to install but, when i try and reboot after the install it shows a purple screen with random lines everywhere the computer does not respond.


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  1. 1- Burn a new DVD and try that out, often the download process goes fine, but something critical is missed in the burning process, or like any OS, sometimes the install just doesn't work out.

    2- There's a critical hardware or driver failure occuring, some more info on your system would be helpful here, as would error codes, but purple screen with random lines doesn't sound like error codes.

    I could probably give you a third option, but I need more info...
  2. There are no error codes, it seems to boot fine, show the purple ubuntu screen with 4 dots they flash a bit then after that it seems to jump to a screen with lines everywhere.

    Mobo: ASUS: Sabertooth z77
    CPU: Intel i5 2500k (no overclock)
    GPU: EVGA GTX560Ti 448
    SSD: Ocz Vertex 4 (boot with windows 7)
    HDD 1: data storage (500 GB seagate)
    HDD 2: Drive with Ubuntu on it.
    RAM: PNY 16GB (4gbx4) 1600 speed
    PSU: XFX 750watt 80+silver
    Windows 7 Home (OEM)
  3. I had a similar problem and what fixed it for me is was adding what I think was more virtual memory. If you can hit CTRL+ALT+F1 and get to the command line, then follow post 17 in the following link:

    I think you will find that it is set to 256, so increase it to 512.
  4. I can't get in to the command line using ctrl alt f1.
  5. Maybe try hitting those keys immediately when it starts to boot (after your post screen). Hopefully there will be some time in there that you can interrupt the boot sequence.
  6. if the X server is running on F1 then you can press Control-Alt-F2 to get to a terminal.
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