Problem: NVidia 8800GTS - DVItoHDMI - LCD TV - picture size!


Problem desc.:

I connect DVI-HDMI cable from 8800GTS to LCD TV (LG 37LC2R), I put recommended resolution (1360x768) but picture stretches out of display. NVidia control panel there is a regulator for picture size, but pressing +/- doesnt affect the picture size. From TV I can only move picture to left-right, up-down.
If I use analog cable (DVItoVGA, (TV to VGA)) Then picture fits! Why it extends with DVI cable, how can I fit the picture?

For example my old computer has ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, there I use same cable DVItoHDMI and same TV, same resolution and picture fits perfectly!

Please can anyone tell me what to do?

With Best Regards,
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  1. When you plug you PC into HDMI your TV is mostly in Overscan. This is normal for a TV to use Overscan through HDMI. You can check to see if your TV will allow you to Turn off Overscan but if your like me you will need to try a program called Powerstrip to manually reduce your picture.

    Good Luck
  2. why dont you set you monter/tv to 1080i, that way it will take advantage of all the pixels and your 8800 is more than powerful, and it reverts to your designsted res when gaming
  3. Thanks!

    I certainly try than Powerstrip and look for Overscan. But why then Ati card doesnt need any extra settings and software and works as expected, just as you plug in the cable?

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