New System, do I need to reformat or can I just move the hard drive?


I recently built a new system and was wondering if my old XP installation will work with my new components (on the same hard drive) or will I have to reformat on the new system?

I haven't tried yet...just wondering.

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  1. You might be able to do a Repair installation of XP. It would only work if the hard drive controllers were the same in both systems.

  2. I had no problems moving an XP64 installation this way, even with different hard disk controllers. In fact, just about everything was different - new motherboard and graphics card. I just installed all the new drivers.

    Mind, things may be different with 32-bit XP.
  3. You got lucky. You usually get a BSOD when Windows tries to boot.

  4. Even with XP64?
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