Intel Pro 3945 ABG Wireless Mini PCI Express Card Opinions

I have an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium 32-bit that has a wireless card from Broadcom (sigh) that appears to have crapped out. I've been searching for a replacement card and haven't had much luck finding stuff, even on Newegg! :ouch: Anyway, I've found an Intel (and Lenovo) 3945 ABG card that seems to be priced well, but there is also some talk about problems with the Intel drivers and Vista connection problems.

Two questions:
1. Has anyone used this card and if so, what are you thoughts?
2. Any other suggestions for Mini PCI Express cards aside from the aforementioned Intel card?

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  1. Well personnally I would just get a name brand USB card. Get something with a broadcom or atheros chipset (they run well on just about everything I've used them for everything including linux don't see why they wouldn't work for vista). Intel doesn't really make that great of a wireless card although it is nice that it's integrated they don't perform that well. I always used to like the PCMIA cards since they had the biggest antennas but I'm thinking that's prolly not even an option since those slots are about phased out.
  2. I was thinking about the PCMCIA slot. The laptop has a /54 slot but I would prefer to keep it internal, as you noted. Given the lack of response to this thread, it looks like there isn't a whole lot of opinion on this subject and that's alright. Those Intel cards are about $30 which isn't the end of the world. Thanks.
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