Administrator password problem at boot up

Administrator password problem at boot up

When starting windows xp pro, I get the ctrl-alt-del to login and "administrator " is the logon name with a forgotten password!

Tried all the usuals to reset/clear the password including (using caps and no caps)
"bill gates"
"f**k MS" etc

Tried a couple of the forgotten password solutions, . . .
1) Linux CD boot sam rewrite/delete
2) Re-install XP, F-10 during repair
3) a couple of dos based password reset proggies

All fail to see the scsi seagate st336706lw hard drive(s) in raid config!

The XP install CD says no hard drives found !!

It looks like I need to load the drivers from dos, so I can see the Raid card AND the two Seagte drives so the above proggies MIGHT work!
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  1. Slightly confusing post, but I presume you can't see the HDD's to install to during Windows setup? Did you load the appropriate drivers via floppy by pressing F6 during the setup load?

    Easy way to get round mass storage driver problems is to slipstream your Windows XP cd using a program called dpsBASE with the MassStorage 'Driverpack', available from
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