XP hangs at Logging off screen (won't shut down}

XP Professional has been running fine for years and now it won't shut down, it hangs at the (Logging Off....) screen. The only way to turn it off is with the power button. I tried to do a restore but when it gets to the point of restart the system won't shut down and the restore fails. I have McAfee installed and have scanned three times with no problems found. Any ideas??? :non:
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  1. I use to have this problem and i just reinstalled XP. I know not that great of a "fix" but if its been years like you said, it could do you some good to do it and have a clean XP running.
  2. There is a program called registry mechanic that you might want to download and try out. It found a ton of junk messed up with my system when I first got it and it fixed them.
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