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Okay so I migrated to a Linux OS at work as they are encouraging us to switch by the end of the year. I backed up my putty registry files as I was under the impression that's where windows stores the configurations, however if i'm not mistaken Linux does not have a registry equivalent. Is there anyway to get putty to read the registry file and get the configurations?
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  1. You are correct that the windows version stores it all in the registry. What you have with the .reg file is a great way to copy your settings to another Windows PC. Again you are correct that there is no Registry in Linux systems. Unfortunately nobody seems to have made a tool to read the .reg file that you have and move it to the appropriate config files in Linux.

    I had a bit of a hunt and can't find anything. There are some ways to do it from a working Win PuTTY install but nothing to just read the file and get you up and going. The .reg file is just text, you might want to open it up with a text editor and see if you can make sense of it. You might then just be able to copy the relevant fields and keys to the appropriate locations in Linux.
  2. putty is simply a telnet/ssh client for windows but telnet and ssh are built into linux so you do not need any additional or 3rd party software.
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