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Hey, I just built my new rig with asus rampage ii extreme mobo and i7 920 cpu. i did a fresh install of windows vista 64bit, and it is running really really slow. Even my old e6600 ran it way faster than the performance i am getting right now. i have everything in the bios to default settings. Do I need to change something in the motherboard settings for hard disk to make it perform better? or does anyone know what might be the problem??
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  1. all drivers updated, including Video?

    Also superfetch and indexing run at first for a day or so and this means slower performance at first.

    Sounds more liike drivers if it is running THAT slow.

    Does the performance rating show anything scoring really low?
  2. I have updated the BIOS to the lastest version, and also downloaded all the lastest version of the drivers for everything. It is still running really slow, I have indexing disabled. But now i am trying nopage file as well. I'll see what happens.
  3. what do you mean by "really slow"? any benchmarks or something to compare to your old computer?
  4. By slow I mean, when I put my password to get into desktop, that thing takes like 3 minutes at least to load up. On top of that if I try to like for instant double click My Computer it would take 5 seconds first the window to pop up and then another 10 seconds to load the stuff inside it.
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