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I have outlook express. I want to export at least my contacts. However when I try to do that, I don't get them all and most of the names don't transfer, so its not really helpful. I also was wondering if it is possible to transfer my messages too... any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What program are you transferring the contacts/messages to?
  2. thats a really good question. We haven't gotten a new computer to transfer it to yet, but probably the basic microsoft outlook program that comes with windows 7. sorry, i am unsure as to what that is though.
  3. Both Outlook and Windows Live Mail can import OE contacts & messages. You don't need to export anything.
  4. even if they are not on the same computer? so your saying if i have my things saved in oe on one computer, i can go to a different computer with outlook or windows live mail and get the contacts and messages...?
  5. Yes, if you know where they are located.
  6. but do those computers need to be connected or something? how would i do it...?
  7. No, you can copy the Windows Address Book file and the Outlook Express mail folder to the new computer and import them.
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