Install XP without CD?

My dad's friend has an old laptop with XP and wants me to reformat it so that its as clean as when he first bought it.

He does not have the CD's that came with the laptop. I won't have the laptop till later tonight but I wanna find out how to possibly download XP and make an iso and burn it to a cd and reinstall windows.

Not sure if this is possible, i googled a bit and searched a couple forums but didn't find exactly what i was looking for.

And I apologize if this has been asked many times before.
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  1. If you want software for free I'd suggest that you use Linux rather than ripping off Microsoft. Just a personal opinion.
  2. I wasn't trying to rip Microsoft off. I have a key. Just no CD. I found a way in the I386 folder.

    I did think about putting Linux but i would have to show the user Linux first. Can't just give it back to him and surprise him with Linux.
  3. ijack, laptops should come with OEM keys, aslong as you can get a OEM version of windows you should be able to use the key on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop...

    you can download xp, but on here i cant say from were, cause it is illegal...

    also what is the make and model of the laptop, i would recommended downloading the drivers for it and burning them onto a cd BEFORE you format.
  4. @ijack

    You may be able to take the laptop to your local computer repair shop show them the legal license on the laptop and ask them to burn you an installation disk for that particular operating system.

    Most shops will do it for you and charge for the disk media itself, the OEM installation disk is pretty much useless anyway without the product key on the laptop, and that product key is what you really pay for anyway.

    Not all shops will do it but some will, its worth a shot if you have a local repair shop where you live.
  5. Indeed - downloading XP is illegal (and stupid as you're liable to get a crap version). That was the point I was making.
  6. So Im stupid for asking a question?

    Ok there buddy.

    Flakes thanks for the tip, but i read that after installing XP. Was annoying doing all the drivers but I got that laptop running as fast as it can go for being over 4 years old. It was a Presario V2000
  7. Sorry if I offended you, but yes - I do think that it's silly to ask about obviously illegal downloads. Just my opinion.
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