Permissions on the external FAT32 hard disk changes automatically

I've been using FAT32 1 TB external hard disk on a Red Hat system. For the past two days, the hard disk permissions change automatically, even when i'm working on a program. I tried using the hard disk on Fedora 15 OS and it still gives the same problem, though not as severe as in Red Hat. Can anyone help me with this?
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  1. you must mean permissions to mount the drive correct? Not file permissions on the drive itself
  2. No, in the middle of working on a program, the file as well as the folder permissions change to read-only. Any change in the file or folder cannot be made after that. Also some files get corrupt. Once the hard disk is unmounted, and remounted, the permissions go back to read-write. But this problem reoccurs once the disk is used again.
  3. check the fstab and see the mounting options. Do you have default settings ?Or do you see errors=remount-ro? It could be the filesystem is corrupt or somethin broken. Thats why its going to read only.
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