"The system cannot find specified file. (0x80070002) error in Vista file backup.

How is the 0x80070002 error removed in Vista file backup?
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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. The directions did not solve the problem, but it did allow me to see that folders are not even being created for backup on the destination hard drive. The error began occurring after I ran an updated version of Dell PC Tuneup. I have read that running such programs are risky, since they may make damaging changes in the registry. I believe that event happened with respect to my Vista File Backup. I have spent hours attempting to correct the problem withoust success. I've followed all suggestions I've seen on the internet without benefit. Your suggestion was one I had not seen, and it appeared promising. I've checked the disk for errors, erased shadow copies, checked the user profile list in the registry, run RegCure, and run Registry Cleaner. None of these procedures have had any effect. Fortunately, the computer backup program was not affected. I believe there may be some corruption in the registry that causes the problem. Technicians at RegCure said they would look at my RegCure log file in an effort to solve the problem. However, at this point solving the difficulty would seem a miracle. No doubt reinstalling a month old computer backup would be a correction, but I would rather live with the problem than do that. James
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