Can linux intervene?

anyone aware of any linux distro that can test/fix/trouble shoot the drive? assuming it can even recognize..
you can find my problem here -->
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  1. if the bios does not recognize, then linux will not be able to help.

  2. Your other thread is unclear as to whether BIOS can see the disk or not at this stage. What are the AHCI settings in there? If the disk is present but Windows can't mount it, most Linux OS might well be able to.

  3. Plus hdd mfg have there own software you can get for free to test out the drives.
  4. The bios can no longer see the disk... even though it did 20 minutes before hand.
    Windows cannot see the disk.
    what ahci settings?
  5. There is ahci setting in the bios you can change.Standard IDE, AHCI,Raid
  6. what should it be? the pc isn't up right now.
  7. it doesnt matter what the bios is set to (ide, ahci, raid) it will still see your drive. the fact that it does not means either your drive, cable, or motherboard is defective.
  8. Total failure of a drive, with no SMART errors or other indications, is quite rare. Much more likely is simply a misseated or bad cable. Make sure that the data cable is firmly in place at each end and also check the data cable. Next, listen to the drive to see if it is spinning.
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