Recovering double boot CD

i have a samsung notebook with dual boot - windows7 starter & Ubuntu.
I faulted in the os selection in the book menu, due to which it is not booting. I faced same problem before& my administrator helped.
Now my administrator is not with me Please help
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  1. Are you using a linux boot loader like grub and lilo or something like EasyBCD? Is the boot loader not loading? Or you changed some info in the config file? You can use a live linux distro to fix the config file or just reinstall the boot loader.
  2. Thanks. I am using Linux boot loader- GRUB. Boot loader is not getting loaded. I used an UBUNTU 10.04.4 Live CD to recover the data. :bounce:

    The config file is not changed, still not able to get the boot loader in place. Please advice whether re-installation will affect the boot loader. I dont remember the partition name where I have kept Windows 7. So I am not confident of editing config files.
    where can i find config files?
  3. boot from your livecd, then use CHROOT to switch to the installation on the hard disk. then to fix your problem run

    sudo update-grub
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