Adobe Flas Player 10 is running a script in this movie and is causing the comput

Every time I boot up my computer I get the error message: A script in this movie is causing Adobe flash Player 10 to run slowly, do you want to abort the script?
I say yes, and the error message keeps coming up.
Any suggestions?
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  1. This happens when you boot your pc?

    This is an unusual message to receive after boot, it should appear only when flash is being utilised (i.e. Viewing online flash content), not when there is a fresh session started with presumably only few apps running.

    There are a couple of ways I can think of to deal with this.

    1st. Download Revo Uninstaller (freeware) and use it to uninstall all instances of flash from the system. Use the advanced mode as this is the most thorough and will attempt to remove all adobe flash files, folders, registry entries and orphans.

    Flash is very easy to reinstall again.

    Reboot your pc to see if the error message comes up, if not reinstall flash, reboot and check again.

    2. Open task manager and start shutting down un-needed processes until the warning stops. Take note of the process that was shutdown then go into msconfig (start > Run and type in msconfig) and have a look under the start-up tab for the process that was killed. Remove it from start-up and see if it resolves the issue.
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