Graphics drivers issue on ubuntu 12.04

My specs are:
AMD phenom II 955
GPU: ATi HD 4250 with catalyst 12.6 beta (latest for HD 4000 series)
I installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit.
Problem is that Ubuntu 12.04 has kernel 3.2.0 which is not supported by Ati Catalyst 12.6 beta. Currently I am running fglrx graphics drivers downloaded from Ubuntu, but they dont seem to work as UI is very sluggish, even video playback is sluggish.
Now resolution I am thinking is to wait for next catalyst update or to replace ubuntu 12.04 with one with a previous version of kernel which is supported bu catalyst 12.6beta.
Is their any other alternative? please suggest.
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  1. A rollback? 12.5 12.4 12.1? Not running 12.04, but sometimes with linux, the latest is not the greatest.
  2. I need a list of AMD catalyst versions with their support for linux kernel
    calalyst 12.6 supports kernel 3.2.0
    catalyst 12.4 " " ____
    so according to this list i would be able to choose both versions of catalyst & linux for thier compatibility
  3. Doesn't exist, especially with ATI, google Stallman ATI for more insight.

    And your list is backwards, you want kernel x supports driver x, but again that list doesn't really exist because of all the hardware variables. So, try a few different things, something will work.
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