Trouble booting Linux from a DVD

Okay guys here's my conundrum; I have finally made the choice to try Linux and wanted to boot it from an external hard drive. Now I decided to try out Zorin OS and so I went to their website, downloaded the file for the OS, then I burned that file to a DVD. So I thought logically the next step is boot into the DVD and install the software on my external drive, but here's where I am having the issue; I restart my computer, and then when the screen goes to the "Intel" screen I hit the F9 key (the key that goes to the boot menu on my HP stock motherboard BIOS) and then I'm presented with the option to 1) Boot from the CD ROM drive, 2) Boot from a hard drive, and 3) boot from USB. I choose the "boot from CD ROM" option and...then I get booted into Windows like normal :??: I can't say what it is that's wrong except I can't get booted from the DVD to install and try out some Linux goodness.

One other thing that may or may not be related, but may prove useful background info, I had a bad power surge about a month ago and though my computer was off, and protected by a surge protector, the surge killed my networking card. When I booted up after the surge I found out I couldn't connect to the internet and every time I booted up my computer I'd get this message saying that it couldn't detect the time. Also (and most importantly, for the sake of mentioning this in the first place) my system just kept rebooting when I tried to shut it down. Even if I held the power button down to power it off it just kept rebooting and wouldn't stay off, unless I killed the power completely by unplugging. Well I got the networking card replaced and I'm back in business, so far everything has been working okay, except I keep having the rebooting issue. It hasn't bothered me enough to fix it, though I have tried a few different things here and there that haven't worked, so I've just lived with it, and restart periodically to make sure I'm not running all the time. But I'm now wondering if this is what is causing me to not be able to boot into the DVD to install my desired experiment.

Also just for the sake of info I'm trying to install the Zorin OS 32 Bit distribution.

Any thoughts, help, and/or sarcastic wit would be welcome at this point as I have pretty much just wasted my whole Saturday trying to get this working. So thank you in advance.
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    Silly question, but a common cause of problems. You did burn the disk as an ISO image rather than just copying the .iso file to the DVD?
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  3. Thanks for the reply! And that's exactly my problem. However, you'll be glad to hear that not only did I get a proper image on the next disc I also booted right into Zorin right from the disc with no install. I'm actually glad that I can try it out first since now I can also test a few other distros I've had my eye on before deciding to do a full install.

    Guess I just made a noob mistake, but I'm glad to be learning since I've been wanting to try out Linux for some time now.
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