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I have 3 PC's. I would like to connect to PC1 remotely from PC2 and 3, but there is a problem that I can't figure out. If PC2 is connected (to PC1) and I try to connect with PC3, I will kick off PC2 and connect. I don't wont this.

How can I check if there is an active session on PC1 so that anyone who tries to connect first can see that there is another user connected?
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  1. by default an xp box can not havemore than one remote connection at any one time, however you can remove this barrier by swapping in another file instead of the current terminal services file.

    this will get you started -
  2. You can so use a program called VNC. Install the server and viewer on all 3 PCs and that way you can remote into any of them from any of them. You can have more than one connection as well. It is free too. There is a paid version that has to be used for Vista.

  3. id reckon the tightvnc version is probably better as its completely free last i checked -
  4. RealVNC is totally free as well. They just have a paid version with more features. The free version works perfectly for simple remote controlling. Works across WANs too.
  5. Thanks for help.

    I tried VNC but it is slow compared to applications based on RDP (imho). I also tried alowing multiple sessions, but the thing I really would to do is to see without connecting if there is an active session. I tried some queries in command prompt but couldn't query over network. Any ideas?
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