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So today, my computer began freezing a few seconds after windows booted up, every time I tried to reboot. This has happened before, and last time I hit F8 during bootup and chose "Restore to last known good configuration." The only problem is that now, my C:\WINDOWS folder is gone :??: .

I had done a semi-failed attempt at a repair-install from the XP CD a while back, and I had gotten a plethora of errors regarding files not being there which should have, so I just backed up my data and did a clean install. I'd rather not have to reinstall windows again, so my question is whether or not I can undo a "restore to last known good configuration" so I can at least get back my c:\windows folder and work through the freezing problem from there, or am I pretty much boned (XP fresh install)?

on a related note: why did it think that removing the c:\windows folder would be a 'good configuration' to revert to? :p
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  1. You've obviously had some file-system corruption which chkdsk has attempted to repair. Hence the "found.00x" folders. One of these may well be your original "windows" folder, but unless the filenames have been preserved you are almost certainly looking at a re-install. I don't think that a "restore to last know good configuration" can undo this sort of damage.

    Have you had a look inside these folders to see if they contain any recognizable files? I don't think that the "restore..." did the damage to your file system - it just couldn't recover from it.
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