Ok guys
Got a question. This is my first new build so i have a question. I want to use a fresh copy of windows xp pro; i got from work. What i want to do is use it with a sata 640 gig hard drive.
Will this configure properly? Or am i stuck having to get vista?
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  1. should work fine. plug in the drive, put the xp pro disk in the drive,

    check in the bios that the dvd drive is first in boot priority - gooooooo
  2. Make sure the xp disk from work is SP1 or later. You will have no problems then. If it is the origional release you will either have to slipstream SP1 or SP2 into the install or deal with a 137 GB partition for windows. You can partition and format the rest of the drive after installing SP1 or SP2.
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