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My boss just walked into the office and asked me how he could create 200 folders and have them named 1-200. So here is what I did...

Open a blank Excel worksheet.
In Cell 1 of column A type md c:\folder\1
Hit the enter key and you will be dropped down to the next cell. single click on the Cell 1 of column A and you will notice a little black square on the bottom right of that cell. click and hold then drag that down to cell 200 within column A, then release your mouse.
Look in the cells and you should see that the data in the cells has gone from
md c:\folder\1
md c:\folder\2
md c:\folder\3
all the way to 200

Now make sure all those cells are highlighted and copy them.

Click start, run and type notepad
paste your data into the notepad document and then save it as MakeFolders.bat Windows will warn you about the file name change, just accept it.

Before you run the new batch file, check the root of C to make sure you don't have a existing folder named "folder"

That's pretty much it.

Note:You can tweak the paths in the batch file as needed.

I hope this helps somebody out.

If you want to create folders with user names then check out my next post how to batch create folders users names
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