Black Screen Full Of Zeros On Bootup

Alright guys...this is really starting to aggravate me. I fixed a computer for a guy by re-installing Windowx XP on it with Service Pack 2. He installed Service Pack 3 after I specifically said "DO NOT INSTALL SERVICE PACK 3!!!". Anyways, it started acting funny so I have it back. Now when it starts up I get a black screen full of zeros on it right after the Gateway screen. I am trying to put a fresh copy of Windows XP on it, but all of the writing is jumbled and the zeros remain. Anyone experience this and know how to make it display correctly again? Everything looks fine once it gets into Windows or on the Gateway bootup screen, just the "dos" screens have zeros on them and I cannot do anything with it like this.
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  1. It's amazing what being a little pissed off will do for you. I pulled the video card out and booted it using the onboard video perfect. Now I just have to re-install Windows after Service Pack 3 ravaged the system.
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